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Tiffin Motorhomes

The many Class A motorhome options offered by Tiffin Motorhomes—from the best-selling Phaeton to the Allegro to the ultra-luxurious Zephyr, plus the compact Class C Wayfarer—show Tiffin is committed to your RV experience. Our shop is also committed to your RV experience by offering full-service RV repair and maintenance. When your Tiffin Motorhome needs some TLC, give us a call, and we’ll get you in ASAP to see how we can help. We’re equipped for all types of mechanical work, RV electrical repairs, A/C and heating system repairs awning and accessory installation, fiberglass and body repairs, and structural coach repairs.

From oil changes to engine repairs, our continuously trained technicians ensure your Tiffin Motorhomes is running and hauling at its best. Some of the Tiffin Motorhomes maintenance and repair services we perform on a regular basis include:

  • Lube, oil, and filter changes
  • Air system repair
  • Brake system repair
  • General suspension repair
  • General chassis repair
  • Gear work, including rebuilds
  • Electrical repairs
  • Clutch and driveline repairs
  • Hydraulic system repairs
  • Engine diagnostic and repair
  • In-frame and out-of-frame engine overhauls
  • DOT inspections
  • 24-hour emergency road-side repair

With proper maintenance, your Tiffin Motorhomes can log a million miles or more before you need an engine overhaul or rebuild. We want to see you and your Tiffin Motorhomes get there. If you’ve been taking your Tiffin Motorhomes to a dealership for service, come in to our shop and experience the independent truck shop difference—we take a personal interest in our customers and their trucks. We want to see you excel at your job because that means we’ve excelled at ours.

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