Winter: How to Protect RV Exterior

Maintaining an RV is much more than rotating the tires, changing the oil and checking the engine. Your RV needs the full service to protect its external surface. A simple scratch is a thousand-dollar RV repair that occurs easily in harsh winter weather. This winter, review these tips on how to protect your RV exterior.

Pressure Washing

In freezing temperatures, varying amounts of ice form on the outside of your RV. Every winter, make it a habit to pressure wash your RV anew. It is never good to have layers of ice built on top of layered dirt and stains. Wash hard-to-reach areas on various places, such as:

·       Tires

·       Wheels

·       Undercarriage

·       Awning

·       Waxing

Wax is a sealant that protects your exterior from dents, scratches and other damages. During winter, the bitter cold creates a drying effect that causes cracking. Wax is a form of moisture that makes it harder for cracks to form on the vehicle's surface.


Since ice forms on the exterior, seal cracks to prevent water, created by thawing ice, to leak inside. Water could stains the floors and walls, resulting in expensive repair bills. Anyone can apply sealant-using caulk that lasts until the next winter season.

Exterior Detail

Have a professional perform a detail on your RV's surface. Sometimes, a professional is needed to look for problems that you cannot see yourself. The average detail includes cleaning, sealing, polishing and waxing.

Steps to Avoid When Protecting the Exterior

There are proactive measures an RV owner can make to help prevent RV damage or preserve the condition of your camper.

Tarp Use

Avoid overusing a tarp. This technique is effective at preventing the worst rains, winds and snowfall from hitting the vehicle. However, it does not protect your vehicle from becoming frozen solid overnight, so the best solution may be to leave it in a garage or storage facility.

Roof Repairs

Another common method is to avoid DIY roof repairs. A roof leak is a serious structural issue that easily causes tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills. During the winter, the damage is even worse when ice is involved. The strongest roof material may crack and disintegrate if a professional RV repair is not made.

Protect Your RV This Winter

A recreational vehicle is a significant investment like a home that needs continual maintenance to maintain its value and quality. The freezing temperatures in winter will destroy a poorly maintained vehicle from the outside in. Starting with the RV exterior, call in a professional or two and obtain the right cleaning equipment. Before winter comes, provide the greatest protections for your vehicle.