RV Water Heater Repair Components and Repair Indicators

RV water heater repair is a common repair our RV repair shop performs. Unlike traditional camping, RV camping brings luxurious experience to campers. RV campers not only enjoy comfortable sleep every night but also get to enjoy hot showers whenever they like. Before taking those hot showers, it is important to learn how to operate an RV water heater. With proper maintenance, your water heater will be able to serve your RV trips for years.

How the Water Heater Operates

RV water heaters operate either on propane or on electricity or a combination of both. Today, most RVs use water heater supported by a pilot light, although newer models use direct spark ignition. An electric heater can only operate on electricity alone when using an inverter. Propane RV heaters, on the other hand, best suits those who go dry camping and cannot access electricity.

That said when you want to start your RV water heater, first hook up the RV with water connection. This should be followed by turning on a hot tap that lets water flow into the hot water tank. Next, switch on the water heater and wait for about 20 minutes to have the water heated. Once you are done using the heater, you can switch it off.

Possible Indicators for RV Water Heater Repair

Most people cannot tell when their RV water heater is getting spoilt until they get cold water oozing from the tap. But this should not be the case if you are aware of the clues that alert you that things are not okay. The signs below will indicate that it is time to call in a professional to fix your heater.

Fluctuating heat of water—When you experience fluctuating water temperature that is enough sign that something is wrong. This could mean that there are built-up mineral deposits around the heating system.

Low water pressure—When the pipes are blocked, the hot water pressure will reduce. The common causes of this phenomenon include mineral deposits on the pipes, poor water system design, and kinked distribution lines.

Leakage—Water leakage might seem obvious, but this is not the case until you inspect the RV water heater visually. Do a monthly scan for possible leaks, along with routinely checking smoke detectors.

Unusual sounds— A little noise from your water heater is natural, but a loud banging or popping sound means you need a professional RV repair service. The sounds are most likely caused by mineral deposits on the appliance, which makes it overheat.

How to Choose the Right RV Water Heater Repair Service

Whether it is a routine inspection or a major RV repair, choosing a repair company that can do a commendable job is important. This is why you need to choose a service with the skills and experience to get your RV water heater fixed. As such, the factors that you should consider when choosing a repair company include:

• Check the reviews of the RV shop for other people’s opinions regarding the services they offer.

• Find out if the repair company has the experience to do a commendable job. An RV shop in business for years knows how to navigate any RV heater problem.

• Ensure the repair company is insured so that it can cover any damages or injuries while fixing your heater.