The Top Tips for RV Winter Trips

It is that time of the year where the weather gets colder and you need your motorhome to be there for you for some RV winter trips. Therefore, you need to take the proper precautions to ensure your RV is ready for all conditions. For example, have you taken all the precautions to make sure your RV does not get stuck in the cold? We are hearing this is happening way too often so below we have outlined the top five things to be on the lookout for before you go on your next winter camping trip.

Keep Holding Tanks from Freezing

The most prominent factor to be aware of during a winter camping trip is the holding tanks. After a weekend in your motorhome, you need to get rid of the waste in the holding tanks that was collected. However, if your waste in the holding tank is frozen you will be unable to remove the content until it thaws out and becomes unfrozen. The top two things we advise on doing to avoid this is either investing in holding tank heaters or pouring a non-toxic RV antifreeze into the tank. These tips will allow you to remove the waste right away!

Seal Windows, Vents, & Skylights

We all know that one of the biggest things with effective winter camping is keeping the hot air in and the cold air out. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that all your RV’s windows and roof vents are properly insulated. The windows with the metal frames actually conduct the cold air right into your motorhome. In order to prevent this we advise purchasing storm windows or having a thermo-pane.

Maintain a Fresh Water Supply

In addition to disposing of the waste and keeping the warm air in, it is essential your motorhome can maintain a fresh water supply throughout the trip. Although most campgrounds have a water spigot this runs the chance of freezing your hose. Therefore, we recommend installing a heated RV hose, which will dismiss all possibilities of a frozen hose. If you do not feel like buying one of these you can also leave your faucet slightly dripping to keep the water moving since running water is harder to freeze.

Get Fridge to Run Properly

This is one of the most overlooked problems of camping in the winter and rightfully so. However, a fridge with an inability to regulate the cold temperature will destroy all your food for the trip. A fridge could also have a thermostat that mistakenly senses the cold air outside with the air inside of the fridge and stops cooling the food also spoiling it. To stop this from happening and keep your food in good condition we recommend blocking the first two or three top vent slots of the exterior fridge door. This will improve heat regulation

We hope that you take these precautions before your next winter camping trip in your motorhome. By taking these safety measures, you are being proactive and staying on top of RV maintenance. However, if you fall behind or just need a tune up on your RV then call our shop and make an appointment with one of our trusted RV experts!