RV Gas Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Remember that fuel consumption and gas mileage is a very important part of what you should be considering when purchasing an RV. However, if you already own an RV, there may be a few different things you can do to maximize on the fuel consumption of your motorhome.

Things to Consider to Help Improve Fuel Efficiency

For starters keeping your RV serviced and making sure that you keep the maintenance up to date will help improve the efficiency of your mileage per gallon. Another thing to know is your driving pattern. Would you say you a speed occasionally? Alternatively, are you more of a slow and steady driver? Knowing this will help you get a clearer picture of what type of mileage per gallon you can expect to get and plan more accurately around that. Replacing a dirty air filter can also help to improve the mpg of your RV. A tune up can literally increase fuel economy by up to 20 percent, and a faulty oxygen sensor can reduce mileage by up to 40 percent. Lastly, there are apps that will show you all the gas stations nearby along with their current gas prices, when traveling across the nation. This can help you plan accordingly so you can hit the low spots and avoid paying the higher prices for gas.

Know the Gross Vehicle Weight

Knowing the GVW can help you calculate an accurate mpg for your trip as the weight of the vehicle has a direct correlation to fuel economy. While it is easy to know what the weight of your RV is when you buy it, it can be challenging to figure out what the GVW is when you are traveling. A few things to take into consideration that go into the GVW for example how much gear you have loaded in it, if you’re towing anything along, and how full the tank may be.

Choose the Right Fuel

Unleaded gasoline or unleaded gasoline blended with a maximum of 10- 15% ethanol is considered best for RV’s. It has been recommended by RV drivers that the less ethanol in the blend of you fuel the more mpg you will get in some cases.


After having read over and reviewed a few ideas that could potentially help you save money on fuel while driving your RV here is a condensed checklist of the things we’ve covered and to keep in mind and look out for before taking your motorhome out on the road again.

  • Maintenance
  • Driving pattern
  • Replacing air filter
  • Tune up
  • Gasoline app
  • Knowing GVW