Tips for RV Sustainability

It is a fact that we love travelling. Nothing screams American more than a cross-country road trip in a good old RV. However, sometimes RV campers get a bad rep. In fact, recreational vehicles are known as the misfits of travel: blasting through nature while leaving trails of harmful fumes along the way. Some campers even complain that many RVers leave their generators running all night leaving a more than desirable carbon footprint.

With all these facts tabled against RVs, it is easy to assume that these machines are not eco-friendly. In addition, with more Americans increasingly embracing sustainability as a core value in everything, RVs might seem like a nightmare in environmental conservation efforts.

Nevertheless, what if we told you that RVs could still be the eco-friendly alternative to other travel methods?

While it is fair to wonder how much of a carbon footprint you are leaving while you drive, there are easy ways to counterbalance your RV's carbon emissions by making a few changes. From scheduled RV maintenance and RV repairs, the list is endless.

To help you understand better, here is a list of tips and tricks to make your RV more sustainable:

Drive at or Under Speed Limit

Nobody ever saved the planet by over speeding. In fact, driving slower not only keeps the driver safe, but it also consumes less fuel. For example, According to the U.S. Department of Energy, every five miles over the required speed limit costs you an extra $ 0.16 per gallon.

Going by this, you might not want to crank up the speed, the next time you plan for a camping trip at Devils Garden Campground.

Go Smaller or More Sustainable

RVs are cool mobile spaces that allow people to travel without giving up on the amenities at home. It is even cheaper to travel and stay in an RV compared to hotels. What does that mean for the environment?

Unfortunately, most RVs are not sustainable, and the bigger they get, the less sustainable they become. If you are planning to invest in a sustainable RV, smaller is always better. Compact RVs are lighter meaning that they use less fuel.

Invest in Solar Panels

Most full-time RVers have solar panels on the roof of their vehicles, and for a good reason too. Harnessing solar enables campers to travel off-grid while keeping costs down. If you do not have one yet, consider installing a solar panel to harness the power of the sun, instead of tapping into the grid.

This small trick is handy during the day for keeping the fridge running or charging batteries. It might save you too if you camp in places without a power source. Use solar power to reduce your environmental impact.

Make Regular RV Maintenance a Priority

As with many machines, sustainability reduces with age or wear and tear. Unfortunately, most RV drivers forget to set up their RVs for planned maintenance or even sustainable RV repairs.

Before starting that road trip always ensure you RV is updated concerning oil and filter changes, air filters and much more. The better your RV maintenance, the less likely it is to use more energy than required. In fact, you can reduce your fuel consumption by keeping tires at the right pressure.

Only Work with Professionals

RVs offer a fantastic opportunity to get to know America's most gorgeous natural sites. However, the more you travel, the more your RV might develop problems. As a responsible RVer, it is your work to take the best care of your RV even when it means scheduling for RV repairs.

Being leaders in the RV maintenance industry, we are dedicated to efficient RV repairs and RV maintenance in our state-of-the-art RV repair shop. Stay ahead of your RV maintenance schedule subscribing to our affordable RV planned maintenance package.

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