RV Safety Tips While Driving

Your safety while traveling in an RV is significantly reduced than if you and your family rode in a regular car. Even with years of experience on the road, your risks of experiencing an accident are high. There are also different types of roads and drivers that you will encounter. Here are a few, important RV safety guidelines to follow while traveling.

· Before You Start Driving

· Perform a Pre-Trip Safety Inspection

Inspect your recreational vehicle before embarking on a long trip. Your RV needs to have its electrical systems powered up and have the tanks emptied. Check the following features:

· Appliances

· Furniture

· Plumbing fixtures

· Walls, floors, ceilings

· Doors

This inspection is important to reduce dangers and prevent discomforts that may occur the trip. For instance, a door that fails to close completely is dangerous to your health and safety during a winter trip.

Cautious Driving / Looking Before Passing

Side collisions occur most often when cars pass lanes in front of other cars. This type of RV repair is common regardless of the size of the vehicle. When the vehicle is large, checking the blind spot is even more important because you cannot always rely on small images in the side or rearview mirror.

Don't Be a Distracting Passenger

On road trips, many distractors affect the driver's ability to stay focused on the road. Something as innocent as talking increases the chances that the driver will lose focus and cause an accident. The person right next to the driver is likely to cause most of these distractions. You have passengers who will argue with the driver or point at sights outside of the window.

As a passenger, work on not becoming too distracting to the driver. Avoid causing confrontations or encouraging the driver to do anything that ruins his or her concentration.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking while driving is another form of distraction that drivers commit against themselves. RV drivers spend many hours on the road, traveling long distances for several days or weeks at a time. Those who have been driving large vehicles for years assume that they have mastered the skill of doing anything behind the wheel. Despite your years of experience, remain safe by focusing solely on the road without performing any other task while you drive.

Contact an RV Professional

Maintaining a high level of RV safety is necessary to prevent accidents and save on repairs. Maintain the quality of the driving, whether you or someone you know uses the vehicle. Start by contacting an RV

repair and maintenance professional to perform a thorough inspection of your RV's interior and exterior.