RV Tire Repair and Maintenance

Although your RV has become your second home, you still need to give it the proper maintenance a vehicle requires. That being said your RV needs special kind of care and attention that a smaller vehicle would does not need, especially for the tires. Furthermore, RV tire repair is something you cannot afford to ignore. RV tires are one of the most costly investments to your motorhome, so it is suggested they are cared for properly following certain protocols. This is due to the massive amount of weight they carry on a consistent basis as well as the wear and tear from driving long trips. If this is new to you or you are new to the RV world, here are some helpful tips to add to the longevity of your motorhome tires! 

Check Tire Pressure

This is far too often is skipped or not given the proper time. Before every trip, you need to use a tire pressure gauge to get an accurate idea of the tire pressure. Tires are designed to operate at a specific pressure and you should therefore keep it at that pressure consistently to avoid failure. Lack of tire pressure will cause damage to incur faster so check the RV’s owner manual to keep it constantly inflated.

Sidewall Inspection

Another tip before hitting the road is to take a few minutes to inspect the sidewall to look for cracks and splits. These should be monitored with caution because these are early signs of again and if a crack gets too big it need to be replaced.

 Weight Distribution

In addition to monitoring wear and tear on the tires, you should also be mindful to how much weight you are putting on each tire. Be cautious of the maximum-posted load limit and do your best to evenly distribute it.

Cover your Tires

When storing tires ideally lift them but definitely cover them. This prevents UV radiation damage and slows the aging process. Keeping them off the ground relieves pressure and prevents damage. It is encouraged to give your tires a break whenever you can to add as much lifetime value as possible.

Rotate your Tires

Another tip that takes the previous one a bit more in-depth is to rotate your tires. By rotating your tires, you are helping your vehicle run more smoothly as well as getting a chance to more closely inspect for damage.

Old Age

 Although these are great ways to stay on top your RV tire maintenance it will not make your motorhome last forever. Most tires should be replaced after six years even if they appear to be working fine. There is a much greater risk of tire failure due to old age on an RV than a normal vehicle. 

Even after all these tips, RV tire repair is still inevitable. However, by staying on top of your tires condition and preventing further damage you will definitely save the bank! Make an appointment before your next trip to get an in-depth inspection by an auto service expert.