How To Know When I Need New Tires

If you’re wondering, “When do I need new tires?”, we have answers to your questions and concerns. Perhaps you’ve had a flat or experienced another specific tire issue, and you’re thinking it may be time for new tires, but you’re not sure. Maybe you ran over a nail. Do you need a tire repair or to replace your tire? What about a wheel alignment? You’ve seen advertisements and heard commercials for wheel alignments, but when is it truly necessary? As a non-mechanic, how do you know? Well, we can point you in the right direction, right now, and give you honest advice for tire care when you come to our shop.

Tell-Tale Signs New Tires Are in Your Future

There are several obvious signs you need new tires. For example, if your tires are balled, your tire sidewalls have cracks or gouges, or you have cords showing through the rubber on your tires, you need new tires, no doubt about it, because your tires are unsafe for driving and will ultimately result in tire failure. Rather than wait until your tires are dangerously worn out, it’s better to get new tires as soon as they hit 2/32 inches, which you can test with a penny. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head above your tire tread (with his head facing down), your tread is below the 2/32” mark, and you need new tires.

Out of Your Control

When your car’s wheels are out of alignment, your vehicle will suffer in several ways. First, your handling capability drops significantly. Also, your ability to turn in either direction is dramatically affected, and your car will likely struggle to drive in a straight line, as it is consistently pulling in one direction. All these factors can negatively impact the lifespan of your tires. If your wheels are out of alignment, your new tires will wear unevenly, which means you’ll have to get new tires again sooner, or you’ll need a tire repair. This adds considerable expense to the cost owning your car overall. Declining to get a wheel alignment when you get new tires can also lead to flat spots or even tire blowouts.

Let’s Talk Tires! We Have Answers to All Your Questions about New Tires, Tire Repair & Wheel Alignment

If you have questions about new tires, tire repair, or whether you need a wheel alignment, please call our auto repair shop. Our tire techs are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to making new tire recommendations and handling tire repairs. For wheel alignments, we use state-of-the-art equipment and strictly adhere to your vehicle manufacturer’s alignment specifications. You can trust us to do right by you and your tires.