Why a Professional is Needed for Your RV Storm Damage Repair

Many people underestimate the effects that a natural disaster can have on their recreational vehicles. Drivers choose to drive through floodwaters or leave their vehicles in positions to be rained on for days. Protecting your RV is important, but the damage has been done, it is time to consider the options to get your damages fixed.

The Vulnerability of RVs During Storms

An RV is a strong, heavy vehicle that does not seem likely to overturn or be thrown around during a storm. However, it is still vulnerable to the strength of hurricane-force rain and winds. An RV could suffer from a wide range of damages, such as:

·        Broken or shattered glass

·        Punctured tires 

·        Dents and scratches

·        Bent or twisted body frames

·        Water Damages Are Common

RV storm damage includes the addition of water. Water damage could occur during a flood or hurricane. First, the water needs to be pumped out and then the interior needs drying before repairs can be made. Water that seeps into the engine will cause a wide range of problems. The metal parts could corrode and stick together or the electrical system could spark. Even if it is a little bit of water, the car could malfunction or stop running altogether.

Common Repairs Done by Shops

During storms, the most common damages occur on windows. You will find cracks, dents and holes as the result of flying debris. The bigger the debris, the more likely the entire glass window or windshield has to be replaced. The same problem may affect the RV's body panels.

Finding problems with the engine is another potential RV repair. During a storm, water damage could destroy the engine, causing a total breakdown. Nevertheless, if the engine is damaged slightly, a repair can fix the problem before it worsens.

In addition, strong winds may cause debris to wash up onto the road. A tire blowout could occur when the RV drives over rubble. Driving on a flat tire may damage the wheel and increase the risk of skidding and crashing.

Is an RV Repair Necessary?

With such a large vehicle as an RV, sometimes it is hard to know if a repair is needed. The vehicle can make a few noises one minute and then go silent the next minute. That is why hiring a mechanic to inspect your vehicle from the inside out is so important. Only a professional can know for sure if a repair is needed.

Find the Right RV Service Provider

As an RV owner, it is easy to underestimate the forces of Mother Nature. When you do, you have tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to pay off. Do not settle for a regular mechanic who has never worked on RVs before. Find a shop that specializes in RV storm damage repairs and can get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.