Leveling Jacks for an RV

Most RV's come with some form of leveling tool. Some need to be cranked, while other are automatic. If your leveling jacks are not holding or if they are not enough for the rough country, you are driving through, consider getting your jacks checked out and upgraded as necessary.

Support, not Suspension

If your jacks are lifting the RV off the tires, you are likely lifting the rig too high. In fact, putting too much weight on the jacks is a great way to require an RV repair in the future. In addition to using your jacks to stabilize the unit, not lift it, make sure that any supports you put under the tires are wide enough to fully support the treads. Your RV mechanic can help you determine how far to crank your jacks for stability.

Damage Risk

A poorly leveled RV can lead to bad sleep. It can also cost you a refrigerator. There are many tools and implements inside your RV that need to be fairly level to avoid a trip to the RV mechanic. When seeking out a campsite, try to get one as flat and even as possible. You may need to roll up onto tire levelers to get things perfectly even. Finally, you can either engage or crank down your leveling jacks.

Mechanical or Electronic

Depending on your ability to get up and down to the cranking mechanism, a set of electronic jacks can save you time and challenge. However, these units have to take a lot of measurements and make a lot of adjustments in a short time. Be certain to get the electronic leveling tool checked out by an RV repair mechanic once a year to avoid a failure.

Tools You'll Need

To properly level your RV, you will need more than jacks. Many RV travelers keep all their tools in one big bin. When you move, just load everything back in one tub.

Invest in:

·      Wheel chocks, to keep the RV from rolling

·      Leveling blocks, to drive up on

·      Jacks to stabilize your now-level RV

Your mechanic can help you learn to manage your leveling jacks. The installation of these jacks is critical. Scissor jacks live under your RV, so the security of that attachment is critical. Work with a trusted mechanic to get RV jacks that work with your skillset and physical capabilities so you can level and stabilize your rig. You will get better quality rest and protect the structure of your rig.


Your RV may be your vacation home or your full-time space. No matter how much time you spend in your RV, properly installed jacks to level your RV will keep you safer, help you move comfortably in your RV, and protect everything in your RV that needs to stay level to run safely.